The Company

The language of our senses

The family-owned Weiss company 

Whether a moment that is ingrained in our deepest memories, forms that stir something in our inner self, or a face that we will never forget – things that are truly special often defy rational explanation. Is it gut instinct, our senses speaking to us, or simply intuition?

Since 1950, beauty company Weiss has been creating unforgettable moments, relying on the intuition of the people behind the business. Professionalism, years of international industry experience, a commitment to quality, and vision are key pillars when it comes to turning creativity and ideas into lasting success.

The purist graphic design of the MARCWEISS COSMETICS products is inspired by the serene clarity that virtually surrounds extravagant luxury. The high-quality products by Weiss are showcased to a high standard in Miami and Cologne, always with the aim of creating an aesthetic that appeals to us precisely because of its understated elegance. Such a presence does not follow short-lived trends but always remains special and desirable! The cosmetics label MARCWEISS COSMETICS combines the luxury of the Miami lifestyle with the “Made in Germany” seal of quality.